Some of our services are:
  • Internet connectivity services (high-speed access, Web hosting), as well as services operating in an Internet environment (electronic mail, streaming, VPN etc.). Depending on the characteristics of the access service, the client's hardware capability and other factors, a connectivity solution can be implemented through a leased analogue line, wireless radio modem, leased digital line, optical line, as well as various combinations of these solutions;
  • Implementation and creation of opportunities for creation of a number of e-services: e-commerce, e-learning;
  • Carrying audio and video traffic over the Internet;
  • Web content, design and programming. Software applications for work in an Internet environment;
  • Specific and unique systems and solutions based on Internet technologies;
  • Development and implementation of individual projects of corporate clients.
The range of services of ATLANTIS is oriented at several target groups:
  • major corporate clients;
  • Internet Service Providers and content providers;
  • small and medium-sized companies and organizations;
  • Internet clubs;
  • individual home users
At ATLANTIS, each client receives individual attention, the service is offered and maintained in the most appropriate customized configuration, combined with loyalty, confidentiality, and commitment to the client.